Spelling List | 9th List 8

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Word Practice Sentence
wrathfulness Her wrathfulness made her seem ugly.
thorough We have done a thorough check of the crime scene.
weird I think that song is really weird.
revocable The contract is revocable which means it can be cancelled.
singularity The singularity of the scientific discovery won him a prize.
affectionate My cat is always very affectionate.
aerosol Those aerosol cans are all empty.
polymathic My son is polymathic; he knows a lot about many things.
satiety When you reach satiety, the feeling of fullness, you should stop eating.
interfere Please don't interfere with the commander's orders.
osmosis The concentrations are equalizing as a result of osmosis.
enormous The enormous dinosaur bones were on exhibit.
fallacy This entire case is based on a fallacy.
permanent She drew on the walls with a permanent marker.
intellect He was not a man of strong intellect.
conscience She will vote her conscience.
melodramatic It's not necessary to be so melodramatic.
imprimatur An imprimatur is a license by the Roman Catholic Church to print religious books.
sustenance We had to forage for sustenance on our survival camping trip.
hygiene It is important to have good hygiene.

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