1st Grade Spelling Games, Lists, Worksheets & Activities

First Grade Spelling

First grade students love Spelling Stars online spelling program because we offer fun spelling games that change every time. Students can login from anywhere with an Internet connection and practice spelling or play games. Teachers can create their own spelling lists or use our lists. In addition to that, teachers can edit our lists once copied and share them with other teachers. Take spelling off your plate with the help of Spelling Stars!

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Benefits of Spelling Stars

  • Teachers can create differentiated spelling lists that are saved year after year
  • It's easy to create student user ids and passwords or use Google Classroom to login
  • We provide Game Play Reports for teachers so they can track how much students practice
  • We provide practice reports for teachers
  • Spelling tests are graded instantly
  • If using Google Classrom, teachers can sync spelling test grades
  • Spelling games make it fun for kids to learn while playing
  • Perfect for distance learning or online learning