Spelling Test

Online Spelling Tests

Giving your spelling tests has never been easier or more affordable for teachers and schools! Simply add your students and spelling lists and then give your spelling test online. You will save time by letting the program check your tests and store reports for you. You won't need to grade tests manually or have volunteers do it. This gives you more time for more important activities.

Do you want to create differentiated spelling tests?

No problem. Create lists with multiple word levels like basic, challenge and super challenge so that every student gets the list that's just right for them.

Teacher Benefits:

  • Spelling Stars grades tests for you automatically and adds scores to your reports.
  • Teachers can view student reports easily at any time.
  • Teachers can give students any combination of basic, challenge or super challenge words.
  • Parents can help children login from home to practice. Website works on computers, iPads or phones with an internet connection.
  • Privacy. Each child has their own login so no one sees the other student’s grades or lists.
  • Volunteers currently grading lists can be utilized elsewhere.
  • Student spelling words are private.
  • Go paperless.
  • Introduce more technology into the classroom.