Spelling Games

Spelling Games for the Classroom

Sign up for Spelling Stars and you will have access to games for your spelling lists. Depending on the plan you choose, your students will have access to 3, 6, or 10 spelling games like Crazy Fish, Word Scramble, Mouse Maze, Word Search, Fill in the Blank, King Cactus and more! Students enjoy playing games with their spelling words because it makes if fun to learn.

Why is Gamification Important?

Gamification has numerous benefits. Playing games provides a safe and fun learning environment. It also allows for a better learning experience. Kids also get instant feedback through games. Moreover, students learn more than spelling by playing games! Kids learn problem solving skills, following directions, following rules, and they get a sense of pride from a game well played. Our games encourage students to play again to perfect their skills as well.

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Spelling Game Demos

Crazy Fish

Crazy Fish Spelling Game

Crazy Fish is a fun spelling game for the classroom that requires your student to eat the correctly spelled word while avoiding the misspelled words. This is a great way for your students to compare words quickly and decide which one is spelled right.

Word Scramble

Word Scramble Game with Spelling Words

Word Scramble is the perfect way for students to become familiar with their spelling words by trying to guess what they are. In the end, every student will get the word right! This is the perfect classroom game to help students learn their words while having fun.

King Cactus a Hangman Style Game

King Cactus Hangman Game with Spelling Words

Students will love guessing the words on their spelling list. We encourage "peaking" at their spelling list if they need help too. Don't let King Cactus lose all of his leaves. Your student can save the King and his leaves by spelling the words correctly in this cool hangman style game.

Memory Game

Memory Game with Spelling Words

Who doesn't love memory games? Click on two cards to find a match. Once your student matches all the words, they win! Memory is the perfect way for students to become familiar with their spelling words and start to memorize them.

Mouse Maze Game

Mouse Maze Interactive Spelling Game

If you want Herman the Mouse to eat all the cheese, you will have to help him spell each word correctly. Again, students can use a printed handout to "peak" at how words are supposed to be spelled. This is an excellent way to bring learning and technology together.

Word Chopper Whittling Spelling Game

Word Chopper Spelling Game for Kids

This is the perfect game to play before test time. The game asks you to spell each word on your spelling list and if you get it wrong, it goes back into the queue to try again. Students can get a clear idea of how well they know their spelling words with this fun game!

Word Search Game

Interactive Word Search Online

Your lists or ours will be used to populate this fun Spelling Word Search. Make your own Word Search by signing up for Spelling Stars today! Once you log in, add at least one student and one list by creating your own or importing one of ours, then navigate to the games menu to play. Note: You must be logged in as a student to view games.

Fill-in-the-Blank Game

Online Fill in the Blank Game

We have created a dynamic online Fill-in-the-Blank game to help students practice spelling in a unique and fun way. Students are given their spelling words with a few letters missing that they fill in to complete the game. Become a member of Spelling Stars or log in to start playing.

Spelling Soup Game

Interactive Spelling Game Spelling Soup

Catch the correctly spelled word in the bowl to win this educational game. It helps students learn their words in a fun and silly way. Create a teacher account now or log in to play games.

Bink Bonk Game

Bink Bonk Spelling Game for the Classroom

Hit the purple bricks and spell the words from your spelling list to win this fun educational game. It helps students learn their words in a unique and silly way. Create a teacher account now or log in to play games.

To submit ideas for games, please contact us at info@spellingstars.com.