Spelling Demos

Demos of Spelling Stars

Watch our demos to learn how to use Spelling Stars.

Adding, Editing or Deleting Students

Learn how to add students, change student information or delete students from your teacher account.
Video to add students to Spelling Stars

Change Student Password or Unlock a Student Account

This video walks you through how to change a student password or unlock a student account.
Change student passwords

Set Student List Levels (Basic, Challenge, and or Super Challenge Words)

In this video you will learn to set student list levels to basic, challenge and or super challenge words. These settings will correspond to words that are entered into your lists or the lists that you import.
set student list types as basic, challenge and super challenge

Make Custom Spelling Lists

This video teaches you how to make your own spelling lists and how word types in the lists match the word types set in Student List Levels.
teachers make their own spelling lists for their classroom