How to Connect Google Classroom with Spelling Stars Spelling App

Spelling Stars & Google Classroom: Manage Spelling Tests Easily

Spelling Stars is an approved Google Classroom App and integrates with Google Classroom seamlessly. No need to copy grades by hand! Login with Google Classroom, manage your spelling course there, check out tests on our site to create assignments, and sync grades when students are done taking tests. Students can log in with their Google Classroom account as well.

How To Set Up Google Classroom with Spelling Stars

It's easy to connect Spelling Stars to Google Classroom by following these simple steps below

  1. Create a course in Google Classroom where you want assignments(tests) and grades to go. For example, you might name it Spelling
  2. Share the class code with your students or invite your students to the course
  3. Go to Spelling Stars and Register or Login with your Google Classroom user id and password (if you already have an account with Spelling Stars and want to link it to your Google Classroom user id and password, you will be able to do that after you login
  4. Once you are logged in, you will be able to click a button that says "Associate My Google Account with My Existing Spelling Stars Account"
  5. Create lists or copy lists go to menu Manage Lists
  6. Go to menu Students > View/Add/Edit/Delete Students to sync your Google Classroom student list with our site
  7. Once you have synced your students, you will click on a green button that says "Import or Sync Students with Google Classroom"
  8. We will ask you which course you want to connect to Spelling Stars then click submit
  9. When you are ready to Assign Practice, Games and Test go to menu Assign Lists
  10. IMPORTANT: When you assign a test, it will create an assignment for your class in Google Classroom. Once students take the test, you can sync grades
  11. When you assign practice or games or pre-tests, reports are only available in Spelling Stars
  12. Sync grades by going to Reports > Reports by List then generating a report. At that point you will see a button to sync grades!