Spelling Stars


spelling stars spelling website for schools and teachers
Student Benefits
  • Makes distance learning easy.
  • Fun games to play with your spelling words.
  • Handouts are available like word search and word scramble.
  • Practice spelling lists online from anywhere.
  • Spelling lists are available 24/7.
  • See, hear, and type each spelling word.
  • Practice sentences help build vocabulary.
  • Spelling tests are graded instantly.
  • Students can track progress through reports.
  • Works on any computer or mobile device.
  • Students can login with Google Classroom.
Teacher Benefits
  • Approved Google Classroom Spelling App google classrom.
  • Makes online learning easy.
  • Spelling tests are graded online instantly.
  • Reports for teachers and students.
  • Create Differentiated Spelling Lists
  • Students can practice, take tests and play games at home.
  • Multisensory learning.
  • Each student has their own login and password.
  • Share lists with other teachers.
  • Install Spelling Stars Spelling App Easily
  • Private. Secure. COPPA Compliant.
Parent Benefits
  • Perfect for homeschools and teachers.
  • Check student progress online.
  • Student can practice on any device.
  • Practicing helps students improve.
  • No lost spelling lists.
  • Students can practice independently.
  • Homeschoolers can use our spelling curriculum.
  • Students love it!

Educatonal Online Spelling Games for Kids

Play online spelling games with your words or ours. If you create custom spelling lists, we use your words to populate the spelling games. Games are an excellent way to keep kids focused and interested in spelling. Our games will challenge students by recognizing words, filling in the blanks, matching words, and more. We also provide reports that show how many times your students have played each game per list.

Crazy Fish

Crazy Fish Spelling Game

Word Scramble

Word Scramble Game with Spelling Words

King Cactus a Hangman Style Game

King Cactus Hangman Game with Spelling Words

Memory Game

Memory Game with Spelling Words

Mouse Maze Game

Mouse Maze Interactive Spelling Game

Word Chopper Whittling Spelling Game

Word Chopper Spelling Game for Kids

Word Search Game

Interactive Word Search Online

Fill-in-the-Blank Game

Online Fill in the Blank Game

Spelling Soup Game

Interactive Spelling Game Spelling Soup

Bink Bonk Game

Bink Bonk Spelling Game for the Classroom

Online Spelling Tests, Practice & Spelling Games

Spelling Stars is an online spelling program designed for school use or homeschool use. Teachers can create different list levels, assign specific tests by class or individual then check out the online spelling tests or pre-tests when ready. Students can take tests, practice spelling, and play spelling games from school, home, or anywhere with an Internet connection. Tests and Pre-Tests are graded automatically and stored in easy-to-view reports for teachers and students. Parents can also track student test scores by logging into their student's accounts. Spelling Stars makes spelling easy and fun!

Google Classroom Integration

Spelling Stars and Google Classroom work together seamlessly. Teachers can create a new account or log in with Google Classroom and tie their existing account to Google Classroom. At that point, teachers can sync their students, and students will be able to log in with their Google Classroom account. Once a teacher checks out a test, an assignment is created on Google Classroom. When students complete the test, teachers click one button to sync grades with their Google Classroom account. No need to copy grades by hand!

spelling student

Fun Educational Spelling Games

Your students are going to love playing spelling games online! We make it easy for all of your students to learn. Once you create a list and check out the practice section and spelling games for your students, they will be able to play up to ten games, depending on the plan you've selected. Each game has a purpose.

Word Search is a fun way for students to focus on recognizing their spelling words. Our Fill-in-the-Blank requires your student to fill in the missing letters. Spelling Soup gives your student time to recognize the correctly spelled word. Word Scramble has your student focus on trying to get the letters in the correct order. King Cactus is a hangman spelling game that allows your student to save the cactus when your student selects the correct letters. Our Spelling Memory Game is always a favorite because students have fun finding the right word matches. Herman's Mouse Maze requires your student to spell each word correctly to eat the cheese to continue to the end of the maze. Word Chopper is perfect for students who want to work on whittling away at their spelling lists. If students spell a word wrong, the word goes back into the queue to spell again. Lastly, Bink Bonk lets your student play their way through the spelling game by having to spell each word right to win.

Online Spelling Practice

Students can practice spelling online easily by logging in from home, school, or anywhere with an internet connection. The program works on mobile devices such as phones and tablets like iPads as well. Students log in with their user id and password and click on the practice in the menu. They will see the lists that their teacher has checked out for them. Students can choose to show or hide the spelling word during the practice session. If the student does not type in the correct spelling after three attempts, they will be shown the correct spelling to copy. Being able to see the word helps the student become more familiar with each spelling word more quickly. Assign spelling practice as spelling homework and track the number of times each student practices in teacher reports. Our practice section is a fantastic way to grow every student's spelling skills.

Online Spelling Tests

Spelling Stars online spelling tests are built for easy use by teachers and students. Teachers create a test by logging into their teacher account. Then the teacher will check that test out for students to see. If the test is not "checked out," students will not be able to see the test. This helps ensure that students are taking tests during the appropriate time. In addition to that, teachers can schedule tests for a future time and day. Once students complete the test, it is automatically graded, and reports are stored in the system by list and by student name for teachers. Students also have access to their reports anytime. Teachers are also able to create differentiated spelling tests for their students. Teachers can go into Student List Levels under the Students menu and decide if a student will get basic, challenge, or super challenge words or a combination of those three types. Please visit our tutorial video entitled How to Make Spelling Lists for detailed information.

Spelling Lists

As a teacher, you can import our spelling lists and use them as-is or alter them to suit your needs. You can also use your school's spelling curriculum by typing in your spelling words. Once you create your spelling lists, you can use them year after year. You can create differentiated spelling lists so that each student gets the appropriate learning experience. Spelling Stars easily fits into your lesson plans and takes the work out of grading papers.


It's easy to view reports anytime by logging in as a student and clicking on the Reports tab or logging in as a teacher and clicking on the Reports tab. Teachers can view reports by student or by list. Teachers can set reports to calculate differently based on their needs as well. Note that Google Classroom reports are calculated as a percentage only. Additionally, parents can log in from home with the student's user id and password and see grades anytime. Spelling Stars makes it easy for teachers, students, and parents to track progress.