Spelling List | 9th List 19

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Word Practice Sentence
readily I readily volunteered for duty.
delicacy The delicacy was made with gold leaf and chocolate.
metropolis The busy metropolis was growing quickly.
resolution We have a resolution to the conflict.
majesty The majesty of Yellowstone Park should be experienced by everyone.
scribbler He calls himself a scribbler as he writes for a living.
regimen I follow a daily vitamin regimen.
persistent His persistent cough is worrisome.
linguistic He studies the linguistic history of that ancient tribe.
supremacy The supremacy of the king could not be denied.
viscosity I studied oil viscosity in that class.
legendary His good deeds are legendary.
dystopia A dystopia is always an interesting setting for a story.
vanilla I added some vanilla extract to the recipe.
resuscitate We have been ordered to resuscitate her if necessary.
exaggerate It is not necessary to exaggerate.
onomatopoeia An example of onomatopoeia is the word bark.
pragmatism His pragmatism leaves little room for creativity.
oxymoron An oxymoron is a figure of speech like deafening silence or pretty ugly.
verdant The word verdant means covered with growing plants and green vegetation.

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