Spelling List | 7th List 25

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Word Practice Sentence
pollution It is important to decrease pollution.
notify I will notify all of the candidates as to our decision.
permission You have permission to hunt only within this area.
repeat We have to repeat the sentence three times.
episode What is your favorite episode of that show?
suspect I suspect we'll arive after dinner.
nurture We will nurture this little tree until it can be planted outside.
explanation I hope I can come up with an explanation as to why we are late.
uncontrollable This toddler is uncontrollable.
permit You will need a fishing permit for this lake.
contradict I am not trying to contradict myself.
simply That is simply the best salad dressing I've ever tasted.
bankrupt The couple did not want to go bankrupt or lose their home.
patronize She seemed to patronize her younger siblings.
compliments It is nice to give others sincere compliments.
tundra The tundra is vast treeless plain.
pediatrician The pediatrician enjoyed working with children.
orthodox Her teaching methods were very orthodox.
initiative She has shown a lot of initiative and deserves to be the leader.
contagious That disease is highly contagious
overwhelm I wouldn't want to overwhelm you with ideas.
notorious The magician was notorious for making watches disappear.

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