Spelling List | 7th List 24

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Word Practice Sentence
dependent My son is listed as a dependent on my taxes.
material This material will work great for pants.
imitation The imitation cheese didn’t taste very good.
mull We'll have to mull it over for a few days.
nimble The dancer was nimble and beautiful to watch.
nonstop I think this flight is nonstop to Boston.
homemade I love making homemade cards.
quarterback The quarterback ran as fast as he could.
provisions The provisions would only last for three days.
probably I will probably study extra for my spelling test.
Washington The capital of Washington is Olympia.
mellow My older brother is very mellow.
pleasant The trip to the museum was rather pleasant.
explore The spelunkers were going to explore the vast cave system.
murky The murky water was not inviting.
microwave Do you know how to use a microwave?
avocado My mom makes an excellent avocado and bean dip.
prosecuted He will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
luxurious The luxurious limo impressed the clients.
recede It will take months for the floodwater to recede.
mortified She was mortified at the thought of everyone learning her secret.
noteworthy She made a noteworthy advance in cancer research.

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