Spelling List | 7th List 20

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Word Practice Sentence
climax The climax of the movie was full of unexpected surprises.
auditorium The ceremony was going to be held in the city auditorium.
enterprising He is a very enterprising young man to have started his own business.
sleigh Let's go for a sleigh ride.
erode This land will erode unless we plant more trees.
operate The surgeon will operate on her tomorrow.
astronomer I've always dreamed of becoming an astronomer.
alternative Is there any alternative route to school?
disagreeable I would she wouldn't be so disagreeable.
substitute We will need to substitute butter for shortening in this recipe.
sheer The shear cliffs made the climbers anxious.
preserve It's important to preserve our heritage.
examination The examination will only take thirty minutes.
semifinals We've made it to the Ping Pong semifinals!
biceps My biceps ache from that workout.
endure We've had to endure many hardships.
exuberance Her exuberance seemed contagious.
dumbfounded I was dumbfounded by her test scores.
flabbergasted His behavior left me flabbergasted.
grueling The Triathlon was grueling for even the best athletes.
dismantle The expert will dismantle the bomb.
melancholy She was always so melancholy that everyone felt sorry for her.

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