Spelling List | 5th List 8

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Word Practice Sentence
moment I will always remember this moment.
courtesy It's common courtesy to say please and thank you.
stock I own stock in that company.
college My brother will go to college next year.
whose I wonder whose boots were left outside.
property I own a lot of property.
hospital Tina liked to volunteer at the hospital.
treatment The treatment is approved by the government.
towel My towel is too wet.
peace I would like to see world peace.
usually There are usually two helpers.
family My family just moved here from Arizona.
given We have given a great deal of time to this project.
nourish Eat more fruit to nourish your body.
audio-visual The audio-visual team was ready to set up.
pumpkin My pumpkin won a ribbon at the state fair.
responsibility It is my responsibility to teach you right from wrong.
doesn't She doesn't know what she will do.

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