Spelling List | 8th List 21

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Word Practice Sentence
structural The structural damage from the earthquake is minimal.
sleuth The sleuth solved the crime quickly.
publisher The publisher will be responsible for the new books.
understand We understand each other and well.
instructor The instructor loves to teach dance.
challenge The race will be a real challenge.
intrude Let's not intrude on the host.
pleasure The pleasure of meeting you is all mine.
instigate You should not instigate a quarrel.
species The species should survive with our help.
bountiful A bountiful supply of oranges is available.
perception Everyone's perception was different.
predatory The predatory animal was captured by animal control.
uniform My uniform needs to be cleaned.
safari My family planned to go on a safari.
international The international treaty was recognized by all.
canoe Let's take the canoe out onto the lake.
terminal The airline terminal was almost empty.
superior I've baked this cake before with superior results.
attentive The attentive students learned the equations quickly.
heroic The heroic deed was rewarded.
misconception The misconception was cleared up by the police.

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