Sky Spelling Spelling Game Demonstration | Spelling Stars

Sky Spelling Demonstration

Sky Spelling is a fun and fast-paced spelling game that students really enjoy! Students use the paddle to hit purple bars at which point they will be prompted to spell one of the words on their spelling lists. When all the words have been spelled correctly, the student wins the game.

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Sky Spelling Spelling Game for schools

Sky Spelling

Sky Spelling Game with Spelling Words

Collect the coins with the plane and spell the words in your list correctly to complete the game until you have answered all spelling questions for your list. Avoid obstacles and lightning bolts!

Sky Spelling

Putt Putt Spelling Golf

Putt Putt Spelling Golf Game with Spelling Words

Pull back to launch the ball and spell your way through each level of Putt Putt Spelling Golf.

Spelling Golf

Racing Stars

Racing Stars Spelling Game

Racing Stars is an exciting spelling game where students race cars while testing spelling skills.

Racing Stars

King Cactus Game

King Cactus Hangman Game with Spelling Words

Guess the letters in your spelling words until you can get them all correct. Hints available.

King Cactus

Memory Game

Memory Game with Spelling Words

Each word as it is clicked helping students learn to say and recognize their spelling words.

Spelling Memory

Mouse Maze Game

Mouse Maze Interactive Spelling Game

Students play as the mouse eating cheese (spelling words) to win the game. A student favorite.

Mouse Maze

Word Chopper

Word Chopper Spelling Game for Kids

Whittle away at correctly spelled words with Word Chopper. The perfect way to practice for a spelling test.

Word Chopper

Word Search Game

Interactive Word Search Online

Our Word Search can be played online or printed for offline homework. It uses your list to create the game.

Word Search

Fill-in-the-Blank Game

Online Fill in the Blank Game

Fill-in-the-Blank game changes every time your student plays. They fill in the blanks to spell words.

Fill in the Blank

Spelling Soup Game

Interactive Spelling Game Spelling Soup

Students hear the words as they fall and select the correctly spelled word in their bowl.

Spelling Soup

Bink Bonk Game

Bink Bonk Spelling Game for the Classroom

Keep students engaged and focused with Bink Bonk. The students spell words when they hit purple blocks.

Bink Bonk

Crazy Fish

Crazy Fish Spelling Game

Students are challenged to recognize correctly spelled words. Can be played in slow, medium and fast speeds.

Crazy Fish

Word Scramble

Word Scramble Game with Spelling Words

Drag letters to the appropriate boxes to spell each word on your list. Word Scramble is dynamic.

Word Scramble