Alternative to Spelling City

Alternative to Spelling City

Spelling Stars is an excellent alternative to Spelling City. Spelling Stars has all of the features teachers and homeschoolers want in an online spelling program, including spelling tests, practice, worksheets, and games!

Spelling Games

We have fun educational spelling games that encourage students to become familiar with their spelling lists. These games work with your lists or ours! We also give students trophies for gameplay to incentivize students to play more often. All games are built to help students learn. The practice area is beneficial as seeing the word, hearing the word, and typing the word have all proven to be excellent ways for students to learn to spell. Many schools use our program just for the games and practice!

Spelling Stars is a Tool for Teachers

Spelling Stars was designed as a tool to help teachers give spelling tests online. By providing a flexible platform, teachers are able to copy our spelling lists and even change them. They can also get lists from other teachers or input spelling lists from their current curriculum. We have developed three ways teachers can create lists: enter words one at a time, upload a CSV file or copy and paste words into an input box. Once lists are in the system, teachers save more time year to year by having them stored in our system for future use.

Optional Google Classroom Integration

Spelling Stars provides Google Classroom integration, including student rostering, creating assignments for pretests and tests, and syncing grades with a click of a button. All of this is included in the yearly subscription! Easily pull students in from any Google Classroom course with just a few clicks and have students directly log in to Spelling Stars with their Google credentials. When you assign a pretest or test, it creates an assignment on Google Classroom. The assignment is a placeholder for syncing grades later. Once students complete a test or pretest, run a report, then click the sync grades button to seamlessly push grades to Google Classroom.

Spelling Tests & Pretests

Teachers like to work smart, which is why they enjoy the testing features on Spelling Stars. Teachers have the option to give pretests or tests at any time. Students do not need to complete other assignments to "unlock" the spelling tests. Moreover, teachers can group students or create differentiated lists so that students only see the words assigned to them. 

Private Logins & Differentiated Lists

Each student has a user id and password, and the teacher can assign certain words or lists by class, group, or individual student. This built-in feature makes it easy to provide each student with learning content designed just for them without others knowing what has been assigned.

Lists to Import

Spelling Stars has hundreds of lists available for import.  Sign up for the free trial to view all available spelling lists.


Spelling Stars allows teachers to run reports by student or list, alter grades, delete unnecessary reports, and sync grades with Google Classroom (optional). Print reports with one student per page or all together in a grid.

Spelling Stars Advanced Features

Spelling Stars has advanced features, making it a great alternative to Spelling City. Teachers can give pretests and tests in anti-cheating mode (full-screen tests), and teachers can record their voice for words and sentences, use our recordings or use the browser voice. Teachers can share lists, transfer students, create multiple courses (grades), and we even have options to switch to British or Australian accents for our users overseas! Spelling Stars is the best online spelling program available, and we are constantly growing our features. Sign up for a free trial today!