Crazy Fish Spelling Game - Kindergarten Spelling Game Demonstration

Crazy Fish Spelling Game

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Directions for Crazy Fish:

Have fun while learning with our original spelling game called Crazy Fish. Click the play button to start and move Crazy Fish up or down by using your mouse, or by using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard.

The object of Crazy Fish is to eat all the worms with the correctly spelled words on them while avoiding worms with misspelled words. Keep eating worms until you complete your list. You can miss up to five words and still win. If Crazy Fish eats five misspelled words, the game ends.

The Crazy Fish spelling game helps your student recognize correctly spelled words in a fun and silly way. Encourage your student to practice their weekly spelling lists by using Crazy Fish or one of our other fun spelling games. We also provide Game Play reports for teachers to use for grading purposes.