Spelling Stars FAQ

I Can't Hear Sound

We have recently upgraded the site and the way that sound is produced. If you cannot hear sound, please update your browser. Our site works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and many other browsers. It will NOT work on Internet Explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer, please upgrade to using Microsoft's new browser called Edge.

If you have updated and you are still not able to hear sound, please email us at so that we can troubleshoot with you.

I Don't See Reports from Last Year

Because we have moved the site to the cloud, we are unable to store older reports due to cost. If you truly need reports from last year, please email us at with your user id and the dates of reports you need.

Why are You Charging for Your Lists or Ad Removal Now?

The cost of upgrading the site to the cloud to improve speed and to keep up with technological changes has prompted us to provide a "Spelling Stars Membership" for which teachers will pay $10 plus $1 per student per year. There are other advantages to the membership as well, such as access to new games as they become available. We hope that teachers will support us by opting into the Spelling Stars membership.