Spelling Stars


Spelling Stars

This online spelling program is fun! Students are going to like practicing spelling online. They will see the word, then it fades out and then they spell it. Spelling Stars allows three chances during practice to get it right. If the student doesn’t know how to spell the word, it shows the word and the student is expected to type it in.

How many times have you gotten a word on your spelling list that you’ve never seen before? Besides learning to spell, this website provides students with a chance to expand their vocabulary. It also has a dictionary lookup button in the practice area.

Tired of waiting for your grade after taking a spelling test? This program scores your test automatically. No waiting!

We are adding new fun spelling games! Right now you can play Fill-in-the-Blank and Word Find with your spelling words and we are adding other games periodically - just for fun. Got game ideas? Have your parents email us at info@spellingstars.com.